Pizzas of the USA! Today’s the Day!

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 10.31.01 AM

Please indulge me for a moment as I revel in the awesomeness that is Pizzas of the USA, presented by ‘Za the Pizza Zine and Atlas Obscura Society of Portland. Here is the official announcement for attendees:

“Atlas Obscura is excited to present the first ever “Pizzas of the U.S.A.” lecture, Q&A and tasting.  Bring your appetite.  Bring your curiosity.  7 pm @  American Legion Post 134, 2104 NE Alberta.

Hosted by self-proclaimed self-proclaimed madcap Pizza Queen and creator of ‘Za the Pizza Zine Nicki Yowell, the event features several local pizzerias, each representing a different geo-pizza mentality. “


Our tasting is like a Portland pizza dream team: Red Sauce Pizza, East Glisan Pizza Lounge, Scottie’s, Tastebud, Life of Pie, and Handsome Pizza have all been kind enough to donate pies, their time, and their invaluable expertise. I am glowing with cheesy pride!

The event has, sadly been sold out for a minute so you can’t grab any last minute tickets! But I’ll be hosting a SE Portland Pizza Walking Tour with Atlas Obscura later this summer. Keep your eyes pizza “peeled” (hardeehar) for our official announcement!

Have to get real for a minute and say that this event has been years in the making. I started ‘Za the Pizza Zine, appropriately enough, here in Portland during an internship almost eight whole years ago. I’ve put out three full issues and two special issues since, the most recent a huge, undertaking.

Pizzas of the USA has been months in the making and I can’t be prouder. Please stay tuned for more awesomeness from ‘Za the Pizza Zine and your (humble) Pizza Queen, Nicki Yowell.


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