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‘Za the Pizza Zine Issue #3, Published July 2017

— 60-page Portland Pizza Quest with spots from all over Bridge City

— Pizza Pals Q&As with pizza creatives from around America

— Slice Zodiac Astrology

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‘Za the Pizza Zine #2, (CURRENTLY OUT OF PRINT) Published July 2013

— Silly Pizza and Drink Pairings

— Eligible Pizza Chef Personals

— Pie-Kus, Haikus about Pizza

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‘Za the Pizza Zine Special Issue: Slice of Life (CURRENTLY OUT OF PRINT), Published March 2012

— Perzine with essays about memorable pizzerias of my lifetime

— Includes: Marion’s Piazza (Centerville, OH), Pizza Hut, Spanky’s (Alanson, MI), Village Pizza (Athens, OH), and more.

Cover of the first issue of 'Za the Pizza Zine

‘Za the Pizza Zine #1, (CURRENTLY OUT OF PRINT) Published July 2011

— Compzine w/ Multiple Contributors Including Justin Hocking, Ramsey Beyer, Gabby Holden, and more.

— Short pizza fiction and poetry

— Slice comix